Planking vs. Owling

Planking (v.) – an activity consisting of lying face down in an unusual or incongruous location.

Owling (v.) – The act of displaying oneself on-top of miscellaneous objects in a sitting position while holding your knees.

I got an email stating that “planking” and “owling” are indeed the most idiotic thing that has ever been recognized. And lady, I couldn’t agree with you more. Although, I’ve had my share of planks! (: My thing is, if you don’t like…don’t do it and don’t ruin everyone else’s fun! People like me (with a short attention span, and gets easily amused) find it quite hilarious! Like below…

This picture makes me wanna laugh, go “awww” and call Chris Hansen all at the same time! But seriously, planking is fun. (:

OWLING on the other hand…

Isn’t this something people do when they’re looking through someone’s window? And plus it takes way to much energy, while planking takes none whatsoever. (: Sooo, I say that I’m “hashtagTeamPlank” Which one are you??


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