Internet = New Diary -__-

Aren’t you soooo “fackin” sick and tired of seeing whiny homo-sapiens on either Facebook, Twitter or any other GD social networking website that complains and whine and “betch” 24/7?! Everyone has that one friend on Facebook or follower on Twitter that every status/update is either about their PATHETIC love life or their pathetic life period. I’m sitting here like “What’s going on? Like, is there NOTHING in the world that can make you happy or satisfied??” And then there’s those people who irk the blue blood out of me by doing stupid shat like “subtweeting” on Twitter and I guess “sub-updating” on Facebook? like we all are suppose to give 2 flying facks about your situation. And no one ever has the balls to comment on it because we’re all just sick and tired of it…and the update just sits there…and sits there…..AND SITS THERE, because it’s pointless. I’m sorry, but FB and Twitter don’t care about your “problems” because you should just GET OVER IT!


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